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     Our Mission     

For nearly a decade, With Equal Step has built the capacity of parents to support their children’s learning. Our years working in education, and training with international leaders in this field, mean we have the skills and knowledge to help build meaningful home-school partnerships.

Researchers around the world tell us that when families are engaged in their children’s education, students do better. But what does that look like? And how do we support it? Whether you’re an educator, parent leader or community agency, we’re here to help.

What We Do

     What We Do    

With Equal Step has been working with staff and families over a decade, building effective school-home partnerships.

We are passionate about improving student achievement through meaningful family engagement. 


With Equal Step works with educators looking to: 

  • Understand the core beliefs of family engagement

  • Embed the practice in their curriculum

  • Create a systemic approach to engagement throughout the school

  • Design culturally relevant and responsive FE practices

  • Training for pre-service teachers

      Parent Involvement    
      & School Councils       

Workshops focus on:

  • SC 101 - creating effective councils

  • engaging families in learning

  • linking council activities to school SIPs

  • train-the-trainer sessions



With Equal Step works with community groups to: 

  • Create and deliver workshops
    on education

  • Help engage families in their children's learning

  • Build family capabilities as first teacher, mentor and advocate

Our Team

     Our Team     

      Nancy Angevine-Sands       

Nancy Angevine-Sands, B.Ed, OCT, has worked as a family engagement specialist for over 10 years. In that role, she has designed and delivered training seminars for educators and staff, councils, and Parent Involvement Committees; provided mediation for councils struggling to build partnerships; and partnered with community groups in the development and facilitation of workshops for immigrant families.

Nancy understands the numerous possibilities available to those looking to engage families in education. She believes that authentic and meaningful engagement will positively affect student achievement.

In addition to Ontario training, Nancy has completed two professional development programs at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and trained with the National Network of Partnership Schools and Dr. Joyce Epstein (John’s Hopkins University).

      Kim Southern-Paulsen       

Kim is a coordinator and the inclusive education resource at Extend-A-Family Toronto. She has supported children and youth with disabilities to develop meaningful relationships and encourage participation in the community. She is also a parent and parent-advocate. Kim’s passion concerning education, advocacy, parental involvement and inclusion stems from shifts in her personal life. Kim works from a strength based approach and believes strongly in building positive relationships with the school community.

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