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     Workshops for Advisory Councils     

With Equal Step offers training and support to school councils at the elementary, middle and secondary levels. We give you the steps to effectively engage your families in the common goal of student achievement.

     Workshops for Staff Development     

Research tells us that when families are engaged, our students do better and their parents are satisfied with the education system.

We work with educators to enhance engagement, linking it to a supportive culture of education and student achievement.

All workshops can be modified for elementary, middle and secondary schools and include take-away materials for your staff. 
We can create a custom seminar to meet your needs. Ask about package deals. 

     Teachers and Families - Towards a Supportive Relationship    

2 Hours

We begin by examining the core beliefs of family engagement and what that means for the classroom. How do you work with the over-engaged, the under-engaged and everyone in between? You leave with ideas and tools to begin building this most important partnership.

     Communication for Partnership     

2 Hours

We know that effective relationships between home and school are essential to student success. This workshop offers methods for educators to create purposeful, two-way communication strategies that build a strong alliance between home and school.

     Core Instructional Engagement     

2.5 Hours

Family engagement is about student achievement. But how does the home support classroom learning? This workshop gives you the tools to provide PD for parents, work with families to create common goals and expectations, and build a partnership that works for everyone’s benefit - especially our students.

*This workshop is most effective when linked with “Teachers and Families"

     The Family Engagement Workbox     

Price TBD
(# of staff, meetings, etc.)

This half-year project will guide your staff on the journey to meaningful, systemic family engagement. Employing design thinking and other planning techniques, we begin by examining current practice, and then help your staff determine effective practice to link classroom learning to home. On-going support and tools are included, as well as a final report and recommendations.

     New Teacher Training in Family Engagement      

2 Hours x seminar

Your first classroom is daunting enough without having to worry about the parents. We demystify family engagement, examine core beliefs, and look at methods to co-construct partnerships - all with student achievement as the goal. A series of seminars are available that look at pedagogy, reflection, skill building and implementation. Teachers leave with tools to begin this invaluable work.

*These seminars are great for teachers at any stage of their career. Ask about package deals.

    Your Council     

2.5 Hours

What in the world are School Councils supposed to do? We guide principals through the regulations governing School Councils. Roles are clarified and responsibilities outlined. Then we provide guidance in how to support and maintain this most important partnership. We also examine ways to co-construct meaningful engagement strategies for Council participation on you SIP, as mandated by the Ministry.

     Partnering with Parents     

2.5 Hours

Success  for students with exceptionalities has been linked to one consistent, persistent and caring adult. All educators want their students to be successful, as do all parents. This workshop explores ways to engage parents and partner with them through the good, and tough, times. We give you tools to deliver what parents want to know - and need to have - to support their exceptional child through school. We will help you build better conversations and better partnerships with home.

500 Terry Francois Street,  SF, CA 94158 

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