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     Workshops for Advisory Councils     

With Equal Step offers training and support to school councils at the elementary, middle and secondary levels. We give you the steps to effectively engage your families in the common goal of student achievement.

     Workshops for Advisory Councils     

With Equal Step offers training and support for school councils at the elementary, middle and secondary levels. 
We give you the steps to effectively engage your families
in the common goal of student achievement.

All workshops include take-away materials for your Council. We can create a custom seminar to meet your needs.

     Volunteers & Communication    

2.5 Hours

“It’s always the same people doing all the work.” All Councils struggle with recruiting volunteers. This workshop provides various methods of finding - and keeping - volunteers. Since it starts with communication, we begin the journey with best practices for connecting with your families and community.

     What it's REALLY All About!     

2.5 Hours

How can School Councils support student achievement? You build the capacity of your families to support their children’s education. This session will help you find avenues to partner with your school, creating tools that will benefit all students. (And a side perk will be increased support for Council!)


4 Hours

No-one wants them; every council needs them! Structure brings vitality and growth. We’ll guide you through research, writing and ratification. Have bylaws that are operational and relevant to your community now and into the future.


2 Hours

Just like birthdays, Council elections must occur every year - whether you want them or not. We help you figure out how to organize recruitment, nominations and election day so that your Council begins on the right foot.

     Managing the Meeting      

3 Hours

No-one wants to attend a meeting that wastes time you’ll never get back! Inefficient meetings result in lack of progress and low parental involvement. This workshop will give your Council a variety of tools to be more effective at meetings…and everywhere in-between.

     School Improvement Plans     

2.5 Hours

Councils are mandated to have parent representatives on the School Improvement Plan committee. But what is the most constructive way to contribute to this annual exercise? We explain the SIP, it’s purpose and your role in the process. Meaningful contributions lead to student achievement and true partnership with your school.

     Building Caring School Communities     

2 Hours

 “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” Margaret Wheatley

This workshop will explore ways for School Councils to partner with the “hard to reach families” by removing the barriers and connecting with the people in your community.  You will explore ways to work beyond assumptions, identify roles, while celebrating the value of your students and community members. Let’s start the conversation.

     Identification, Placement & Review Committees (IPRCS) -                 Just the Facts     

2 Hours

The teacher says that your child “has issues”. But you have no idea what this means for them or you. This workshop equips you with the information you’ll need should your child be faced with the possibility of going to IPRC. Learn what about IPRCs, what should happen at the meeting and how to make an IEP work for you and your child.

     Effective Advocacy Strategies for Parents     

2 Hours

Building partnerships is important when advocating for our children. What can be done when roadblocks get in the way? If things are not going as planned, how can you advocate successfully and maintain good relationships with key people in the school? This workshop will provide you with the basic information and tools to set you on your way. Become an effective advocate for your child, while building partnerships inside and outside the school.

500 Terry Francois Street,  SF, CA 94158 

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